Health Care


Addcom Electronics has the ability to custom build systems that will enhance your Health Care operations! Is your building at the age where it is to expensive to upgrade your current "pull cord" and resident monitoring system? Let us give you a free estimate on how Addcom can replace your present outdated system with a state of the art wireless system that gives you full control over day-to-day operations. Some of the features you can choose include:

  • Wireless Pull cords (as many as needed in a residents room)
  • Pager notification upon alarms
  • Cell phone notification
  • Live and accurate log files of all incidents
  • Radio communication (secure) between duty nurses
  • Message board on walls to show activities
  • Wireless pendants for residents (waterproof)
  • And MUCH more!


     We have been working with the health care industry for over 25 years. Call on Addcom for ANY applications

     and you will get results!